Summer 2021 is a few months away, and around this time when you consider how nice it would be to go away on vacation for a week or two to let off steam and refuel for the rest of the year. However, there are some things you need to put in place while planning to ensure this isn’t another one of those holidays where you make plans, but none of them works out.


Once you figure out where you want to go, the next step is to work out how much every aspect of the trip would cost you and draw up a budget to that effect.

Once you have the numbers figured out, create a separate savings account to deposit your monthly contribution, a great route would be to set up a savings goal on Commerce Finance Bank and make your contributions automated.


Planning for a vacation can seem daunting sometimes, especially when you decide to take a more luxurious route. That is why earning a little extra money is advisable. It could take a short-term side job, selling out decluttered items like clothes you don’t use anymore, or for those living in apartment buildings, subletting your place for the time you’d be away.


Whether it’s in-store credit or it’s simply from getting cash referrals, using rewards can help you either save money or make money. So the next time you get offered a loyalty card at a supermarket, take it, looking for discounts on dining? Use your Wema bank verve card, want to buy makeup? Get a discount on Zaron products with your Commerce Finance Bank card, because in the saving window every penny counts. One way to make money from rewards is by making use of referral programs like earn on go on Commerce Finance Bank, where you earn money for every successful referral you make.


Travelling with a group will always be a bit more economical than planning a solo trip as bills such as housing, feeding, and transportation can be split. These days several tour companies plan group trips so you don’t have to.


It’s common knowledge that the less money you waste, the more you’ll have later for a summer vacation. So pay your all bills on time, settle any pending debts if you have any, and pump the brakes on consistently going out to restaurants and impulse shopping.

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